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Hello, blaze1231. These are some nice builds! However, I mistakingly forgot to lock the Builder Applications thread to new user posts. All builder posts should be created using the following form.
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The way users claim land has changed! 
4 months ago

CUSTOM ENCHANTMENTS - EXPLAINED This page explains BerylMC's custom enchantments. Below is a compiled list of what each enchantment does but also which item it's aimed for. As well as this, at the bottom of the thread, there are additional lists consisting of which enchantment is accessible through which tier.   HOW TO ACQUIRE CUSTOM ENCHANTMENTS The primary way of acquiring a custom enchantment is by purchasing one through the "/enchants" command. Rather than using usual currency, however, these are paid through EXP. The higher the tier level, the higher the EXP cost. These are shown below. As well as this, custom enchantments are unlockable through in-game crates, hosted events, or simply through enchanting an item using an enchantment table - though, the chances of this are far lower.   ENCHANTMENTS - TIERS, ENCHANTMENT TYPES, LEVELS
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MINECRAFT CLAIMING This page will highlight the basics of claiming on the BerylMC server. If anything is unclear, we encourage you to reach out for assistance - we'll be happy to help! WHAT IS CLAIMING? Claiming allows you to take ownership of a specified section of land. Within this claim, you can build whatever you wish and it'll be fully protected from other users! You can, however, add other users, granting them access to also build within your claim. HOW TO CLAIM Begin by finding an appropriate location to claim. Once chosen, using a golden shovel, simply right-click an area of unclaimed land. A diamond-block should replace the block you clicked. As well as this, you will be prompted in the chat of the claim corner being set.  Note: Use the claim kit (/kit claim) to obtain a golden shovel. You must be a minimum of 500 blocks from spawn before you can claim.   From here, right-click a different position, diagonal from the first area. This will create a cuboid of land in which will, once the two points have been chosen, be claimed. Again, if done correctly, you will be prompted in chat to tell you so. If you've made a mistake whilst claiming, right-click the corner claim point using the golden shovel. After this, simply select a new corner claim point and the claim will be resized. To test and ensure you have claimed correctly, simply right-click any block using a stick. If you see "[Claims] No one has claimed this block", the process wasn't successful. USEFUL COMMANDS /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in. /trust - Gives another player permission to edit within the claim. /untrust - Revokes any permission granted to a user in the claim. /accesstrust  - Gives a user permission to use buttons, levers and beds within the claim. /containertrust - Gives a user permission to use buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers and animals within the claim. /trustlist - Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in. /permissiontrust - Grants a user permission to share their permission level with others. /abandonallclaims - Deletes all of your claims. /claimslist - List a user's claims and claim block details. /trapped - Gets a user out of a land claim if they're 'trapped' within it.    
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BAN APPEALS If you believe that you have been banned unfairly, we encourage you to make a ban appeal. This is your chance to tell us your side of the story and let us unban you or reduce your ban; dishonesty gets you nowhere.  All player reports should be posted as a new topic in the ban appeal forum.   FORMAT We don't have specific guidelines for this but please try to include as much information and evidence to convince us why your ban was unjust. Please include your exact username. If you have been temporarily banned and/or muted, you may have to sit it out and wait your time.
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